Mission Statement

  • AACAST is an organization designed to bring together mental health professionals of all disciplines who would like to be educated and trained in couples and sex therapy.
  • AACAST will integrate these two treatment modalities into the knowledge and skills of a single therapist.
  • AACAST will provide a forum where mental health professional of different disciplines and different theoretical orientations can come together and exchange ideas on the similarities and differences of their work and ideas.
  • AACAST will encourage mental health professional to conduct research and create theoretical, clinical and research papers to be published in The Journal of the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapist (JAACAST).
  • AACAST will certify couples and sex therapists that have received training, education, and demonstrated knowledge and skills in the integrated field of couples and sex therapy. AACAST will also provide continuing education to members.
  • AACAST will promote awareness of integrated couples and sex therapy and provide referrals to AACAST Certified couples and sex therapists.