Certification Requirements

The certification program to become an AACAST-Certified Couples and Sex Therapist is based on the highest standards of education, training, and clinical practice. Certification requires that participants complete the following:

  • Attend the Couples and Sex Therapy Training Program for two years, which includes Part I: Inter-Analytic Couples Therapy course and Part II: Human Sexuality, Sex Education and Sex Therapy course. Part I and Part II attendance must be repeated in year two of the program to deepen the student’s understanding and application of the material.
  • Participate in the Couples and Sex Therapy Case Consultation sessions for two years. Students must present three or more clinical cases in the consultation sessions to demonstrate training, skills and application of knowledge in both couples therapy and sex therapy.
  • Remain a member in good standing of AACAST. If membership in AACAST lapses, certification status will also be considered as lapsed.
  • Read and abide by the AACAST Code of Ethics. By signing the application for certification form, the applicant agrees to be bound by the AACAST Code of Ethics.
  • The applicant will hold a valid state license in at least one of the following fields: marriage and family therapy, psychology, social work, counseling, medicine, or nursing.

Once approved for certification, the applicant will receive a physical certificate stating the applicant is a Certified Couples and Sex Therapist by AACAST.

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